Accelerated Collaboration

The UK faces huge challenges in finding new mechanisms and delivery models that build movement towards sustainability. The process of creating change can be very slow because in nearly all sectors this involves aligning the thinking, plans and funding streams of a wide range of organisations before action can happen.


What it is:

A platform and a process for designing better, faster solutions for complex places.

What it does:

Combines a methodology for aligning data from multiple organisations with the development of a visual model of a place.  This process accelerates collaboration by bringing partners together to build a common understanding about a place‚Äôs challenges, opportunities and priorities.

Where it can be used:

Best used in places that are complex and are in need of new insight; where multiple stakeholders need to deliver the solutions for the future:

  • Cities or areas within cities, e.g. to support strategic decision making, for neighbourhood planning or delivery of local initiatives
  • Sub regions and economic areas, e.g. Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Nationally, e.g. for planning and prioritising national infrastructure 
  • Urban estuaries & coastal zones
  • River basins and catchments
  • Large protected areas, e.g.  national parks, environmentally designated sites, landscape partnerships. 

The benefits it provides:

  • Aligned evidence from multiple partners across different sectors
  • A commonly owned understanding of how a place functions and the key challenges that are faced
  • Engaging visual outputs that present the challenges and agreed priorities to other stakeholders and public audiences
  • Open source information that can be widely shared and built on
  • A medium for developing co-funded projects and external funding bids
  • A way of better connecting local communities with decision making
  • A platform for ongoing collaboration and partnership working.

This is how Accelerated Collaboration works:

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