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Green Ventures’ directors offer an extraordinary breadth of experience across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Each director has a proven track record in senior leadership roles spanning more than one sector. Our range of experience, expansive networks and partnerships with major organisations enables us to operate with confidence across the environmental, technology and partnerships spectrums.

Phil Newby - Director

Phil co-founded Green Ventures in 2006. Phil’s background is in the property industry and travel sector. He moved from a board role at Thomas Cook to join English Nature in December 2003 as Executive Director and had close involvement in the setting-up of Natural England with Defra. Read More

Trevor Gibson - Associate Director

Trevor has held environmental roles at Director and Executive Director level for Local Authorities. He advises public authorities in the UK and abroad on environmental and external funding projects as well as supporting major companies in building long tem relationships with the Local Authorities. Read More 

Jonathan Selwyn - Director

Jonathan was the Chief Executive of the UK Centre of Environmental and Economic Development. He co-founded Green Ventures with Phil Newby in 2006. Johnathan became Managing Director of Lark Energy in 2008 but retains a keen interest in Green Ventures providing... Read More

Dave Stark - Non Executive Director

Dave provides Green Ventures with an international perspective on the delivery of our consultancy and technology services. Dave is a specialist in building consultancy and technology companies. He has lead numerous company builds and enjoyed success across a variety of solution, geographical and... Read More 

Latest News

Public Engagement at

30th January 2014

Lead by the Environment Agency, the Alt-Crossens Partnership is running a programme of public engagement events in January and February 2014 to demonstrate the options available for future drainage of the land. The public engagement events are using the aligned evidence, website platform and fly-through visual media created during our Accelerated Collaboration programme in 2013 ... Read More



Accelerated Collaboration in Action at Alt Crossens

In the spring and summer of 2013, Accelerated Collaboration was depolyed at Alt Crossens as a way to resolve a contentious environmental, economic and social impasse affecting 39,500 hectares of agricultural land and up to 220,000 people across four Local Authorities.

Extreme weather in 2012-13 flooded land at Alt Crossens in the North West where future government budget cuts will reduce expenditure for draining the land by 30%. Tensions were high amongst local partners who were already searching for a solution to this long term problem.

Accelerated Collaboration was used to create a common understanding, at high speed, amongst twelve organisations about the nature of the problem. A new evidence-base was used to form a common view of the options for the future and agreement over the preferred option. The programme was delivered in less than four months and the multi-media results are now being used by the partners to try and achieve a challenging, but shared goal.

Watch this short video to find out more about high speed partnership building through Accelerated Collaboration.